Sujalam Suphalam Yojana Uttar Pradesh: dams, ponds, percolation ponds and farm ponds in UP farms

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has decided to implement Sujalam Suphalam Yojana in UP to fight drought in the state. The scheme was first implemented in Maharashtra and now being tried out in UP. Under the scheme watershed structures such as dams, ponds, percolation ponds and farm ponds will be constructed to save rain water. This water can then be used during summers.

The scheme will be first implemented the worst affected region of Bundelkhand. The implementation will start from two districts Mahoba and Hamirpur. Depending on the success of the scheme it will be implemented in all the other 5 districts: Lalitpur, Jhansi, Jaluan, Banda and Chitrakoot.

What is Sujalam Suphalam Yojana? A project by the UP government to solve water scarcity problem in the state by constructing water bodies in the state.

Government will take help of NGOs, Self Help Groups (SHGs), local communities and also private sector to implement the scheme. The scheme has been a huge success in Maharashtra. Many water bodies are constructed along with other projects to conserve water were carried out. They are helping farmers during the summer.

Many regions in the Uttar Pradesh are facing acute water shortage. Government has already identified locations for these water bodies. Local administration is working on getting approvals for the projects. Digging machines will be hired to complete the project faster. Channels also will be widened and deepened in the project.

Farmers are allowed to take excavated silt which is used for agricultural activities. The main objective of the scheme is to ensure that there is adequate water in the rivers and recharging the ground water table.

UP Government has tied up with the IIT Kharagpur for Cloud Seeding (artificial rains) in the state. Usually it is very costly but IIT-K has developed technology which will cost very less. Artificial rains in the 1,000 sq km area will cost half system provided by US, Isrel companies. IIT-K Civil, Aro-space, Industrial Management departments are involved in the project.

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