TED Fellowship Program

TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. TED Fellowship Program is a global network of 400 innovators in which every year 20 people from around the world are selected to participate in either the TED or TED Global. It is not an academic fellowship thus anybody who has done remarkable in their field can apply for this program and thus a strong academic record is not a requirement to apply. TED Fellowship is for people who’ve made major breakthroughs or have achieved outstanding results through their innovative inventions. The selected Fellows will become part of the TED Conference. Twice a year, the TED Fellows program opens applications to find a new class of extraordinary thinkers.

Benefits of the TED Fellowship Program:

  • Participation in TED and TED Global conferences in Vancouver, Canada.
  • TED pays for round-trip economy airfare, ground transportation to and from the conference location, and meals and shared accommodation on site.
  • Senior TED Fellows gets an Opportunity to deliver a TED Talk on the TED University or main TED stage.
  • The Senior Fellows program is an extended two-year Fellowship program. Fellows who have completed the terms of their fellowship may apply to be a TED Senior Fellow. Every year, all the TED Fellows from the previous year who have applied for the Senior Fellows program will be pooled; 10 from among these will be selected to be Senior Fellows.
  • The TED Fellowship offers access to an exclusive private network of change-makers, unique skills-building workshops and the mentorship of world-renowned experts.
  • Fellows have access to personal mentorship opportunities and speaker coaching

Required Eligibility and Conditions for TED Fellowship Program:

  1. Marks and GPA hold little value, Accomplished projects and innovations are evaluated.
  2. The candidate whose age is 18 years and above can apply. But the target is 21-40 years.
  3. TED Conferences are conducted in English, English proficiency is a requirement.
  4. Every fellow should possess fine character and a good heart.

Application Procedure:

  1. The application process for TED Fellowship Program 2018 will be started on 18 July 2017.
  2. Those candidates who want to participate in this fellowship must fill the application form.
  3. Candidates can visit the official website of TED Fellowship to fill the application form or click on the following link. Click Here to apply.
  4. Simply filling the Application Form is not the only task but the candidates also have to write an Essay and provide three references
  5. TED Fellows selections are made by the staff of the program, with extensive reference checking and consultation with experts in all fields.
  6. As such till date, there is no algorithm or hard and fast rule for how to select the TED Fellows. Usually, candidates are selected on the basis of measures mentioned below:
  • based on their accomplishments in their respective fields
  • the potential impact of their work
  • most importantly, their character.

Contact Details:

  1. The applicant can contact to the following address for more information: TED Conferences, LLC, 250 Hudson St., Suite 1002, New York, NY 10013
  2. Telephone No: 212-346-9333

References & Details:

  1. For more information regarding TED Fellowship Program visit: https://www.ted.com/
  2. https://www.ted.com/participate/ted-fellows-program


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