Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana Himachal Pradesh: Grow medicinal plants & earn money

The Government of Himachal Pradesh has approved new schemes called Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana (VSJSY). People in the rural districts of the Himachal Pradesh can now grow and cell medicinal plants with the new VSJSY scheme. The objective of the scheme is to created employments in the rural and remote areas of the state and to improve life standards of the villagers. Earlier the medicinal plants were taken out of the jungle of the HP and sold at random prices. Now on no one can take medicinal plants from Himachal Pradesh jungles without Forest Department permission.

Government wants to make sure that the medicinal plants in the HP must get good value and villagers must get good returns by selling them. Government will be identifying medicinal plants in the 5 districts of the state and will be mapping them. They will also find the medicinal value of the plants. Under the scheme government will give permissions to self help groups from the villages to collect medicinal plants and sell them at government decided standard prices. Government will provide financial assistance of Rs. 10000 to the self help groups.

What is Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana? A government of Himachal Pradesh scheme under which villagers can grow and sell medicinal plants and herbs.

Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana Objectives:

  • To protect and conserve forests, medicinal plants and herbs
  • To create employment opportunities for the villagers
  • To empower villagers and improve their life standards
  • To make villagers and villages self reliant

Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana Benefits:

  • Villagers can earn money by collecting and selling medicinals plants and herbs
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 10,000 will be given to self help groups
  • Government will provide trainings to the villagers on identifying, collecting, processing and selling medicinal plants
  • Villagers can also grow medicinal plants on their own land and sell them
  • Government will provide subsidy of 25% to the farmers who grow medicinal plants on their land

HP Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana

Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana Eligibility: Who can grow and sell medicinal plants?

  • The scheme is applicable only in Himachal Pradesh
  • Villagers who has own land and grow medicinal plants are eligible for the scheme
  • Villagers who joined government approved self help groups (SHG) can collect and sell medicinal plants

HP Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana: How to grow and sell medicinal herbs and plants and make money?

  • Villagers can join government approved self help groups and collect and sell them
  • Villagers can grow medicinal herbs on their own land, process them and sell them

Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana Tranings:

  • Government will provide trainings under the VSJSY
  • Villagers will be trained on:
    • How to find medicinal plants
    • Know their medicinal value
    • How to pick them
    • How to dry and process them
    • Know their market price and sell them in the market
  • Government will also provide markets for selling medicinal herbs

The Himachal Pradesh jungles are full of priceless medicinal plants and herbs. There are 1038 species medicinal plants along with 3400 types of herbs found in the Himachal Pradesh. Most of them are on the verge of extinction. These herbs can cure most of the critical illnesses and their prices falls in lakhs.

Zaika Project: Setup Herbal Medicinal Center Himachal Pradesh

Zaika Project is run by the Forest Department of HP. They have created a Herbal Medicinal cell for medicinal plants and herbs. The cell is responsible for providing technical information and market prices to the self help groups. They provide day to day prices and information using mobile SMSs.

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