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Vayomadhuram Scheme (VS) Kerala: diabetic patients to get free glucometer & test strips | Eligibility, documents required & how to apply?

Social Justice Department of Kerala government will be launching a new scheme called as Vayomadhuram Scheme (VS). The scheme is meant for the poor elderly diabetic patients. The below poverty line senior citizens suffering from high blood sugar do not afford to regularly test their sugar levels. The sugar test is a bit expensive and involves commute to the near by test lab. Hence the government is planning to provide glucometer along with the test strip with which the sugar tests can be done at home.

The scheme will be launched in July 2018 across Kerala. Under the scheme, each of the diabetic patients above 65 years will get a free glucometer and 25 test strips. On the launch of this scheme i.e 18th July, 10 kits each containing a glucometer for blood glucose monitoring and 25 test strips will be given free to 10 elderly diabetic patients. The scheme will be implemented in phases across Kerala. In the first phase, nearly 800 elderly beneficiaries will be offered free glucometer equipment along with test strips. Depending on the success of the scheme it will be implemented across Kerala.

To start with the scheme is meant for senior citizens only, slowly the scheme will be extended to all the diabetic patients in the state. To avail the benefits of this scheme the patients have to submit a certificate from the doctor that they are diabetic along with income certificate.

What is Vayomadhuram Scheme (VS)?A Kerala state government scheme for poor diabetic patients above 65 years. Under the scheme free glucometer along with test strips will be given.

Vayomadhuram Scheme (VS): Objectives

  • To help poor elderly people

Vayomadhuram Scheme (VS): Benefits

  • Free glucometer along with test strip to the elderly citizens of the Kerala
  • Diabetic patients to get free glucometer equipment along with 25 test strips

Vayomadhuram Scheme (VS): Eligibility

  • The scheme is applicable only for Kerala residents only
  • Diabetic patients whos more age is more than 65 years only can apply
  • The scheme is meant for BPL families only

Vayomadhuram Scheme (VS): Documents Required

  • Ration Card
  • Health certificate
  • Adhar card
  • Voter card
  • Proof of resident

Vayomadhuram Scheme (VS): How to apply?

The scheme is just announced by the government. Online application form and application procedure is not available as of now. This section will be updated with step by step application procedure for free glucometer and test strip when the information is made available by the government.

Vayomadhuram Scheme (VS): Implementation & Highlights

  • A scheme for poor elderly citizens of Kerala suffering from diabetes
  • They will be given free glucometer along with 25 test strips
  • The implementation to start in July 18
  • The scheme will be implemented in phases, in first phase 800 patients will be given the free glucometer
  • Gradually the scheme will be extended to all the diabetic patients in the state
  • For this scheme, the kits are acquired for Kerala Medical Service Corporation Ltd (KMSCL)
  • The price of each glucometer varies based on the brand
  • The market price of the glucometer along with 25 strips is at least Rs. 450
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