50% Subsidy Scheme in Maharashtra

The main objective of 50% subsidy scheme is to the Corporation is to implement various schemes to uplift lifestyle of Charmakars (Dhor, Chambhar, Holar,Mochi etc.) who are economically weak and below poverty line and with an intention to develop them educationally, economically and socially so as to give them respectable place in Society. Also production of various types of Footwear & Leather Articles & supply to Government Departments & sale in Open Market. This is a state government scheme and provides benefits to the SC – Charmakar community only. The 50% Subsidy Scheme is being implemented particularly for S.C.Charmakar Community. The beneficiary should from below poverty line with the maximum annual income not be above Rs.100000/- in the rural area and urban area. The maximum loan amount is Rs.50, 000/- only. 50% amount is being given as subsidy subject to the maximum limit of Rs.10, 000/-. The rate of interest of Bank is Rs.9.50% to 12.50%. The 50% Subsidy Scheme is implemented by government Maharashtra. A person must be domicile of Maharashtra state to get benefits from this scheme

Benefits of 50% Subsidy Scheme:

  • The scheme is being implemented particularly for S.C.Charmakar Community
  • The maximum loan amount is Rs.50,00/-
  • 50% amount is being given as subsidy subject to the maximum limit of Rs.10,000/-

Eligibility Criteria For 50% Subsidy Scheme:

  1. Applicant must be of Charmakar Community only
  2. Age Limit should be in between 18 to 50 years
  3. For 50% Subsidy Scheme and Margin Money, Annual Income of the applicants must be below poverty line and for NSFDC Scheme, income for Rural area should be below 98,000/- and for Urban, Rs.1,20,000/-Applicants must be permanent resident of Maharashtra State
  4. He must produce the Income and Caste Certificate of Authorized Govt.Officer
  5. Applicant must have a knowledge of the business for which he has applied for loan

Documents required for 50% Subsidy Scheme:

  1. Applicant must have caste certificate Authorized Govt.Officer
  2. Applicant must have income certificate of Authorized Govt.Officer
  3. Other documents required as per rules and regulation of Maharashtra state
  4. Recent Passport size Photo
  5. Xerox of Ration Card
  6. Quotation of Immovable property where business will be carried out
  7. Proof of accommodation where business is carried out
  8. No Objection Certificates from local authorities where business will be carried out
  9. Project Report
  10. Affidavit and undertaking by two Government employees
  11. Certificate and Number of Below Poverty Line

Application procedure of 50% Subsidy Scheme:

  1. Application form is available at District Office of LIDCOM
  2. Applicant must fill form and submit to District Office of LIDCOM
  3. visit following site: https://lidcom.co.in/scheme.php for more details

Contact details & References:

  1. For more details please visit the official site:
  2. https://sjsa.maharashtra.gov.in/en/schemes-page?scheme_nature=All&Submit=Submit&page=2
  3. https://www.lidcom.co.in


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