Supply of Two Milch Animals to SC Scheme in Maharashtra

Supply of two Milch Animals to SC scheme launched by the state government of Maharashtra for rural areas. This scheme is implemented by the department of animal husbandry Maharashtra. The purpose of the scheme to increase milk production and creates employment for the rural areas in the state. Under this scheme, State government provides the subsidy for 2 milch animals’ cows/buffaloes. This scheme is applicable to the SC / tribal, tribal who are living outside the tribal areas in Maharashtra. Under this scheme, SC /tribal beneficiaries get 75% subsidy of total project cost in Maharashtra. The provided milch animals to the beneficiary group must have shelter, adequate food, and water for animals. Under this scheme, if the received cows/buffaloes felt sick or need treatment then its responsibility of beneficiaries to bring them to nearest Veterinary hospitals. All milch animals distributed by the government have insurance and if any milch animal died then its responsibility of beneficiaries to consult respective insurance company. The milch cows/ buffaloes received under this scheme required to manage more than 3 years and developed dairy business within 3 years are mandatory

Benefits of Supply of Two Milch Animals:

  • Benefits to get group of two milch animals like cows and buffaloes
  • Benefits of 75% subsidy for SC/tribal farmers in Maharashtra

Eligibility criteria for Scheme:

  1. A person belongs to rural areas in Maharashtra are eligible for this scheme
  2. A person belongs to SC /Tribal are eligible for this scheme
  3. Educated unemployed person belongs to rural or tribal areas are eligible
  4. Beneficiary husband/ wife should not be employed or retired from government, semi-government, local government ministry or government organization

Documents required:

  1. Applicant identity proof such as Aadhaar card
  2. Applicant 7/12 or 8/A
  3. Applicant Gram panchayat Namuna 8
  4. Applicant caste certificate
  5. Applicant Self-employment registration card copy of Office
  6. Applicant issue certificate if any
  7. Applicant bank account details if required

Application procedure:

  1. Applicant contact animal husbandry Development Officer (Extension), Panchayat committee
  2. Applicant contact animal husbandry department in Maharashtra
  3. Applicant also contact District Animal Husbandry Officer of Zilla Parishad and District Deputy Commissioner of Animal Husbandry for application procedure

References & details

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