Aadum Koodum Scheme: animal farming program launched in Kerala

The Madin Academy in Kerala has launched a animal farming program in called Aadum Koodum Scheme to assist poor families in the state. Under the program goats will be distributes to the economically backward families as part of their Agro Space project. The program is launched by the state minister for forest and animal husbandry and zoos K. Raju. The program will complement the government`s ongoing scheme in animal husbandry and expected to empower agro related businesses and increase the self-reliance in the milk production.

 Aadum Koodum Scheme Benefits:

  • 500 goats along with cages to be distributed amongst the poor in the state
  • Empower people with agro related businesses
  • Self reliance in the milk production in Kerala

The  Aadum Koodum Scheme is launched on the 20th anniversary of the Madin Academy.

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