Prakratik Kheti-Khushal Kisan Scheme (PKKKS) Himachal Pradesh: Subsidy & financial assistance of Rs. 50,000 for natural farming

The Government of Himachal Pradesh launched Prakratik Kheti-Khushal Kisan Scheme (PKKKS) to promote natural farming in the state. HP government will provide subsidy along with financial assistance to encourage farmers for natural farming. The natural farming is called as Zero Budget farming as well as it requires very minimal cost and depends on the natural resources for crops.

What is Prakratik Kheti-Khushal Kisan Scheme (PKKKS)? An initiative by the HP government to promote natural farming and to increase farmer`s income.


  • To reduce costs required for farmers
  • To increase farmers income
  • To reduce use of chemicals and fertilizers in the farms

PKKKS Benefits:

  • 75% subsidy on drums which are required to make inputs for natural farming
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 50,000 to open natural resources store in village
  • Training and workshop to create awareness about natural farming for farmers

Prakratik Kheti-Khushal Kisan Scheme Eligibility:

  • The scheme is applicable only to the residents of the Himachal Pradesh only
  • The scheme is meant for the farmers

Prakratik Kheti-Khushal Kisan Scheme Highlights & Implementation:

  • A budget of Rs. 25 crore has been allocated by the state government for the scheme for year 2018-19
  • JICA Crop Diversification Scheme: Importance is also given on the diversification of the crops. Rs. 300 crores are allocated for the scheme.
  • Agriculture sector contributes to the 10% in the Himachal`s GDP
  • 5.42 lakh of land in HP is agricultural land
  • State Agricultural Mechanization Programme is run by the government to provide subsidized machinery to the farmers
  • 78.680 hectare area was used for vegetable cultivation in the state in year 2017-18
  • A budget of Rs. 688 crores is allocated for agricultural activities in Himachal Pradesh for year 2017-18
  • 16,91,564 metric tons production happened with agricultural and related sector
  • Government`s objective is to double farmer income by 2022 and provide alternates ways to generate income

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