Horticultural Establishment and Strengthening Scheme in Maharashtra

Horticultural establishment and strengthening scheme is launched by the state government of Maharashtra for farmers. The scheme is implemented by District Planning and Development Council (DPDC) and under this scheme, Agriculture department provides the subsidy to government nurseries for strengthening and establishment of small plants and crops. The purpose horticultural establishment and Strengthening is to establish good qualities of kalam/rope for distribution to farmers, to developed fruit crop or plants for establishment of fruits garden and distributed those fruit crop or plant to needy farmers, to arrange different  programs on government nurseries for farmers to grow vegetable, flower crop, medicine plant, aromatic plants and too involved schedule tribe areas farmers for development of fruits crop garden, to supply of planting material of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants to farmers, Horticulture Development Plan for tribal to distributed plant and crops to develop fruits gardening and Establishment of  plantation in the tribal areas. Ropamalayaci horticultural establishment and strengthening programs benefit 136 government nurseries in Maharashtra state. Farmers can get kalam/rope on subsidies price decides by government

 Benefits for Horticultural Establishment in Strengthening Scheme:

  • Farmers get subsidy on fruit crops or plant in affordable price
  • Farmers get benefit to establish or developed fruits garden
  • To get benefits of subsidy for 136 government nursery in the state

Eligibility for Horticultural Establishment and Strengthening Scheme:

  1. All farmers are eligible for this scheme
  2. Availability of water for establishment and developed nursery
  3. Availability of instrument for development of nursery are eligible for this scheme

Document required for Horticultural Establishment and Strengthening Scheme:

  1. Applicant required 7/12
  2. Applicant Aadhaar card

Application procedure:

  1. Applicant may visit agriculture department in state
  2. Applicant may visit department of divisional or taluka agriculture office
  3. Farmers may visit nearest government nurseries for crops or plants

References & details

  1. For more details visit official site
  2. https://mahaschemes.maharashtra.gov.in/mr/nursary%20hort%20scheme.html

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