Kala Samman Scheme for Artists in Goa / गोवा में कलाकारों के लिए कला सम्मान योजना

गोवा में कलाकारों के लिए कला सम्मान योजना

Kala Samman Scheme introduced by state Government of Goa and implemented by Directorate of Art and Culture for eminent artists in goa. The Government has designed this scheme for an artist to provide them financial assistance who are in indigent circumstances as the token of respect to them for their contribution in the field of art and culture.

The main objectives of the scheme are to grant monthly financial assistance to the artists who are in indigent conditions to meet their daily needs and to recognize the contribution of artists in the field of art and culture. For better implementation of this scheme, Government constitutes a Committee and this committee considers all the applications received by the Director of Art and Culture. An artist’s pursued their arts with extraordinary devotion and serves for the heritage culture to their respective state. It is unfortunate that many artists have a minimal source of income during their advanced stages of life. Regarding this Government of Goa took very good initiative for an artist and provides the financial assistance as a token of respect for their contribution in the field of art and culture

Benefits of Kala Samman Scheme:

  • Artist will be granted financial assistance to the extent of Rs. 2,500/- per month every year
  • Recipient of State Cultural Award will get financial Assistance to the extent of Rs. 3,200/- per month every year
  • Benefits of financial assistance to indigent artists

Eligibility criteria for Kala Samman Scheme:

  1. Any artist who is in indigent condition is eligible for assistance under this scheme
  2. Artist must be 60 years of age at the time of applying for the scheme
  3. Artist must have given contribution in the field of Art and Culture
  4. The income of the applicant artist should not exceed 48,000/- per annum
  5. Number of cases to be sanctioned shall depend upon the availability of funds for every financial year

Documents required for Kala Samman Scheme:

  1. Passport size photos
  2. Aadhaar card
  3. Attested photocopy of Birth certificate or school leaving certificate as proof of age
  4. Baptism certificate
  5. Income certificate from competent authority
  6. A detailed profile of the applicant (artist) giving details of work done in the field of Art and Culture
  7. References to two known persons or institutions working in respective field of Art and Culture

How to apply for Kala Samman Scheme:

  1. Director of Art & Culture will release an advertisement on local daily newspapers thereby inviting applications from eligible applicants for availing benefit under this scheme
  2. After, the applicant artist should fill the application form along with attached all the documents mentioned above and submit it to the Director of Art & Culture office in Goa

Contact Details:

  1. Applicant should visit Director of Art & Culture office in Goa

References & Details:

  1. For more details about Kala Samman Scheme visit: http://artandculture.goa.gov.in/content_item_disp.php
  2. Kala Samman Scheme pdf download: https://www.goa.gov.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/KALA-SAMMAN-SCHEME.pdf

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