odishasolarpump.nic.in – Soura Jalanidhi Scheme Odisha: Solar farm pumps at 90% subsidy

The Government of Odisha has launched Soura Jalanidhi Scheme for farmers in the state. It is a solar farm pump distribution scheme. 5,000 solar agricultural pumps will be distributed under the scheme at 90% subsidy. 2,500 acres of land in the state is expected to be cultivated with the dug well based solar pump system.

The main objective of the scheme is to promote use of solar energy for agricultural activities and to make sure that the farmers has adequate power to irrigate their land.

Soura Jalanidhi Scheme: A dug well based solar pump system distribution scheme for Odisha farmers.

Soura Jalanidhi Scheme Odisha Objectives:

  • To make sure farmers has power to irrigate their land
  • To promote use of solar energy for agricultural irrigation
  • To save electricity and farmer`s money

Soura Jalanidhi Scheme Benefits:

  • Dug well based solar water pump system at 90% subsidy
  • 5,000 such systems to be distributed
  • 2,500 acres of agricultural land to get irrigated with the scheme

Soura Jalanidhi Scheme Eligibility:

  • Applicable to farmers in Odisha
  • Farmer ID is mandatory for application
  • Scheme is applicable only to the small and marginal farmers
  • Only those farmers with less than 0.5 acres of cultivable land are eligible
  • Those farmers who dont have electricity connections will be given preference

How to apply online for Soura Jalanidhi Scheme & application form:

The Odisha government has launched a website odishasolarpump.nic.in for online application for the Soura Jalanidhi Scheme. Eligible farmers needs to register and fill in online application form to apply for the free solar pump.

STEP 1: CLICK HERE to go to the Soura Jalanidhi Scheme odishasolarpump.nic.in

STEP 2: Click on Apply Online link or CLICK HERE for the direct link

STEP 3: Click on the Proceed button and fill in the application form

STEP 4: Follow further instructions on the site, upload documents if required and submit the application

Check application status for Soura Jalanidhi Scheme:

Applicants can check the application status for the Soura Jalanidhi Scheme online at Department of Agriculture & Farmer`s Empowerment, Government of Odisha website.

STEP 1: CLICK HERE to go the the application status check page

STEP 2: Enter your application ID and click on the Search button

STEP 3: Your application status will be provided

Soura Jalanidhi Scheme Implementation:

  • Rs. 27 crores will be spent on the project
  • The scheme to be implemented in multiple phases
  • In the first phase those farmers who dont have agricultural electricity connections will be given preference
  • The scheme will remove the burden of the electricity bills from the farmers
  • The solar pumps will provide sufficient electricity throughout the day so that farmers wont need to work in the nights for irrigating farms
  • Sufficient water for cultivation is expected to increase the produce which will increase farmers income
  • The Chief Minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik launched the scheme
  • The Odisha government has started the implementation of the scheme
  • The government has created a website for the application of the scheme which will be launched soon
  • All the application forms list of required documents and how to apply for the scheme will be made available on the website
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