Universal Social Security Scheme (USSS): a scheme to provide retirement, health, old age, disability, unemployment and maternity benefits | Eligibility, benefits & how to apply?

The Government of India is working on introducing new scheme called Universal Social Security Scheme (USSS). The objectives of the scheme is to provide social security to the weaker sections of the society. The Ministry of Labour and Employment will be implementing the scheme. The scheme is primarily meant for the workers and laborers. It will provide retirement, health, old age, disability, unemployment and maternity benefits to 50 crore workers across India.

The scheme will be launched soon and out of 47.6 Crore Indian workers 10 crores will get benefits of the scheme by 2019. This includes farmers and labors. This scheme is based on the 2012 Suresh Tendulkar Committee poverty line report. The ministry of labor is working on the preparing list of beneficiaries. The ministry has setup a committee under the leadership of Professor, Santosh Mehrotra, Jawaharlal Nehru University. The committee will provide guidelines regarding the criteria for selecting beneficiaries who need social security. Based on this the budget will be allocated for the scheme.

What is the Universal Social Security Scheme (USSS)? A government of India’s Ministry of Labour and Employment scheme to provide a social security to the workforce in India.

Universal Social Security Scheme (USSS): Objectives

  • To provide social security to all the employees across India
  • To provide social security to BPL workers
  • To provide social security to unorganized sector workers
  • To provide social security to self-earn workers

Universal Social Security Scheme (USSS): Eligibility

  • Farmers
  • Manual laborers
  • Workers from an unorganized sector
  • Workers belonging to below poverty lines

Universal Social Security Scheme (USSS): Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries will be categorized into four levels under the scheme which are as follows:

First Level:

  • Workers that are below the poverty line
  • These workers cannot contribute to their security
  • The entire cost to provide social security will be take care by the government under tax-based schemes

Second Level: 

  • Workers from unorganized sectors
  • They are self-sufficient but still don’t have social security
  • Under the subsidized schemes, these workers will be covered

Third Level:

  • Those workers who can either earn on their own with the help of their employer
  • They can provide social security to them self
  • These also will be covered under the scheme

Fourth Level:

  • Those workers who are relatively rich or affluent
  • If any risk or contingencies will arise, these workers are able to make their own provisions

Universal Social Security Scheme (USSS): Benefits

  • Retirement pension
  • Medical insurance
  • Death and disability benefits
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Maternity leave for women employees
  • Pension scheme

Universal Social Security Scheme (USSS): How to apply?

This scheme is being worked upon and yet to be launched, the required information about how to apply for this scheme yet not available. This section will be updated soon with the application form and step by step application procedure.

Universal Social Security Scheme (USSS): Implementation & Highlights

  • The Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt of India proposed the scheme
  • Under this scheme, out of 47.6 crore workers of India, 10 crore workers will be cover by 2019
  • This scheme is based on 2012  Suresh Tendulkar Committee poverty line report
  • A committee has been set up by the ministry of labor under the professor Santosh Mehrotra, JNU
  • This committee will identify beneficiaries who urgently need of social security
  • The report will give the clear idea about how much money required to launch for this scheme

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