Youth for Education, Delhi

To provide proper mentoring to students from eligible young individuals thereby ensuring proper career guidance and emotional support

As per the official statement released on June 14, 2021, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi has held a meeting for reviewing the Youth for Education scheme launched in the state. Under this scheme, mentors will provide career guidance to the students of class 10th and 12th. These mentors will be in the age group of 20-30 years. This scheme will ensure that the students will get right mentoring thereby clearing there doubts regarding life and career choices. One to one mapping of each child is aimed through the scheme. Individual preferences will be considered and guidance will be provided to the students under the scheme. It will thus give emotional support and contribute to shaping the future of the students in the state. It is a part of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s vision to make education a mass movement in the nation.


Scheme name:Youth for Education
Scheme under:Delhi Government
Beneficiaries:Students of Class 10-12
Benefit: Mentoring for making life and careers choices
Main Objective:To provide proper mentoring to students from eligible young individuals thereby ensuring proper career guidance and emotional support

Objectives and Benefits:

  • This scheme is launched for the assisting the students for making correct decisions at a crucial point of their lives after class 10 and 12 examinations
  • It aims at one-to-one mapping of the beneficiary students in the state
  • It tends to provide guidance and emotional support to the students
  • Under this scheme, mentors of 20-30 years of age will be allotted to a group of 3-4 students
  • It will reduce the generation gap and help students communicate freely with their mentors
  • This scheme aims at holistic development of student
  • Employment opportunities will be generated for young graduates, work professionals, etc
  • It will create a positive impact on the minds of students thereby helping them to overcome from the recent effect of pandemic on their mental health

Key Points:

  • Delhi government launched Youth for Education scheme as a mentoring programme for students belonging to Class 10-12 in the state
  • This initiative was reviewed by Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi Mr. Manish Sisodia through a meeting
  • This scheme is mainly launched for the helping the students to make the right choices for their life and career after class 10 and 12
  • Under the scheme, mentors will be allotted to the students for proper guidance
  • Mentors will be fresh graduates, work professionals, entrepreneurs and other in the age group of 20-30 years
  • It aims at one-to-one mapping of each student
  • Mentors will be allotted school wise for each group of 3-4 students
  • Students will be able to discuss with them all of their choices, career preferences, hobbies wished to be chosen as careers (if any), etc
  • This project was implemented at pilot level with 600 students and their mentors and it turned out to be successful
  • Currently 4000 mentors are plotted in 46 schools of east and south east Delhi
  • More than 2 lakhs mentors have enrolled for this programme and these mentors will be plotted for 5.5 lakh students in Delhi government schools
  • Education Minister also stated that Principals are expected to take the ownership of the programme thereby making alumni group in school and engaging localized mentoring
  • He also stated, this scheme is framed taking a cue from a similar initiative abroad
  • It is an initiative of holistic development of the child
  • It will help the students to make the right career choices and thus will thereby shape their future


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