Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme: Rs. 1000 allowance to the unemployed youth

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced Unemployment Allowance Scheme for the unemployed youth in the state. The financial assistance to the unemployed was part of the CM Chandrababu Naidu election manifesto and was a election promise from him. The objective of the scheme is to empower the youth in the state and provide financial assistance during the job search. The government has alloted the budget of Rs. 1,200 crores for the scheme. The state cabinet has approved the scheme and now on unemployed youth with age less than 35 years will get benefited from the scheme.

Unemployment Allowance Scheme (AP): Financial assistance scheme for the unemployed youth in the Andhra Pradesh.

Unemployment Allowance Scheme Objectives:

  • To empower youth in the AP
  • To provide financial assistance to the unemployed while they are searching for job or employment opportunities

Unemployment Allowance Scheme Benefits:

  • Unemployment allowance of Rs. 1500 per month to the unemployed youth
  • Financial assistance to encourage youth

Unemployment Allowance Scheme Eligibility:

  • The scheme is applicable to the residents of the Andhra Pradesh only
  • The scheme is applicable to unemployed youth with less than 35 years of age only

Unemployment Allowance Scheme Implementation:

  • The scheme was the poll promise by the CM Chandrababu Naidu
  • The scheme will cost Rs. 1,200 crores to the state government
  • Beneficiaries will be identified based on the Pulse Survey data
  • 10 lakh unemployed youth to get benefited with the scheme
  • Rs. 1,500 will be provided to the unemployed youth every month
  • The governments long term goal is to create jobs in the state and provide employment to everyone in the Andhra Pradesh

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  1. Sir, If we start using all types of waste by involving youth & start SSI units in villages to use of Agro-waste, Vegitable market waste, In Societies & Hotel Kitchen waste & all Industrial waste like Coal, Coke, Mill-scale, Iron-ore, Sponge-Iron waste and other indusrial waste can be recycle by start ssi units in all INDIA level by this action we can provide minimum 5.Cr employment & self employments. This thought will provide wealth from waste to farmers, employments in villages, stop migration villages to cities, Pollution, Global warming, reducing coal, plastic, matels screp import, 24 hrs powers creates by the villagers biogas, CNG & ORGANIC MANUR in the villages & all willages will be self safifficent in all manners without Govt Fund utilisation & WILL CREAT INCOME FOR gOVT.. In this UNIQUE SYSTEM, Sir only required your willingness in this TOTAL NATIONAL UPLIFTMENT PROGRAMME.

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