Atal Solar Krushi Pump (ASKP) Yojana: Solar pump distribution scheme Maharashtra

The Maharashtra Government has announced Atal Solar Krushi Pump (ASKP) Yojana for farmers in the state. Under the scheme the government will provide solar powered krishi pumps at the subsidy of upto 95% to the farmers in the state. ASKP is the center government scheme to promote use of solar energy for agricultural activities. The main objective of the Maharashtra government is to reduces losses due to non-payment of agricultural electricity bills by the farmers due to weak financial conditions. Farm electricity dues in the Maharashtra are now 32,000 crores and hence the government wants to shift them to solar electricity.

Atal Solar Krushi Pump (ASKP) Yojana: A subsidy Govt of India scheme to promote use of solar water pumps in agriculture.

ASKP Objectives:

  • To promote use of green energy
  • To reduce pollution
  • To make sure that farmers have sufficient electricity for agricultural activities


  • All the farmers across the country are eligible for the scheme
  • Only Maharashtra farmers are eligible for Atal Solar Krushi Pump Maharashtra scheme

ASKP Benefits:

  • Farmers with less than 5 acres of land just need to day 5% i.e. Rs. 12,000 and get three horse power pump
  • Farmers with more than 5 acres of land just need to pay Rs. 30,000 and get five horse power solar powered pump

Atal Solar Krushi Pump (ASKP) Yojana Highlights & Implementation:

  • A solar pump distribution scheme in Maharashtra
  • Government to distribute 7,000 solar powered farm pumps to the farmer in the Maharashtra
  • Total budget of Rs. 239.92 crores is allocated for the scheme
  • Maharashtra government to implement the state solar scheme also
  • Under the scheme 1 lakh solar pumps will be installed across Maharashtra
  • The pump will cost upto Rs. 3 lakh to the government
  • The solar pumps will enable farmers to irrigate land during the day
  • Out of 7000 pumps, 13.5% will be reserved for scheduled caste (SC) and 9% for scheduled tribes (ST)
  • All those who is waiting for electricity connection can opt for solar connection
  • The center government to bear 50.19 crore of the total cost where as state government will 11.99 crore
  • 10.54 crore will be contributed by the beneficiaries and rest 239.92 crore will be contributed by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA)
  • Remote areas will be given preference under the scheme
  • The state government is also planning to launch Mukhyamantri Saur Krishi Vahini Scheme
  • Under the scheme agricultural electricity consumers will be shifted to solar
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