Cow Express & 1962 helpline: emergency health service on wheels for animals in Madhya Pradesh

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has announced Cow Express (Mobile Medical Animal Ambulance) a emergency health service on wheels for ailing animals in the state. The government will also provide emergency helpline 1962 for calling Cow Express. Earlier the CM started Cow Ministry in the state. The innovative step by the government for the welfare and protection of the animals.

Cow Express & Helpline

1962 (Toll-Free Number)

What is Cow Express?

  • A animal ambulance to provide emergency health-care services for animals in the Madhya Pradesh.
  • The Cow Express will be on the wheels and will have a veterinarian, attendants and primary medicines on board to provide medical service to ailing cows.
  • A toll-free number 1962 can be used to call the Cow Express.


  • To provide emergency health services to the animals in the state
  • To protect animals and to help farmers
  • To protect farmer`s income

Cow Express & 1962 Helpline Services:

  • 1962 toll-free number can be called by anyone in the MP to call Cow Express
  • The animal ambulance will arrive along with the veterinarian and attendants
  • They will provide primary health-care services or first aid to the ailing animal

Cow Express & 1962 Cow Helpline: Highlights & Implementation

  • The scheme to be launched on 15th October
  • The pilot project to be launched in 11 districts of MP
  • Later on the scheme will be launched across MP
  • Part of Kamdhenu Gau Abhayaranya project which is state’s bovine welfare programme
  • Goal is to protect cows and cattle due to disease or accident
  • Husbandry animal death has been a cause of concern for the state government
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