Baby Care Kit Scheme: New born & their mothers to get free baby kits in Maharashtra / शिशु देखभाल किट योजना: महाराष्ट्र में नवजात और उनकी माताओं को नि:शुल्क शिशु किट

The Maharashtra Government has announced Baby Care Kit Scheme for new born & their mothers. Infants will be given a free baby kit worth Rs. 2,000 as gift from the government. The scheme is applicable only to those infants who are born in government hospitals & primary health centers in the state.

The primary objective of the scheme is to encourage expectant mothers to give birth in the hospitals. In many cases in poor & remote households there are practices of mother delivering their babies at home. In many cases mothers and infant dies. The scheme encourages families with expectant mothers to get admitted to the hospitals during the child birth.

Objective: To reduce infant mortality rates.

Who will get free kits? Infants who are born in government hospitals in Maharashtra along with their mothers only

Baby Care Kit Scheme Benefits:

  • Free baby care kit worth Rs. 2000 will be given for free
  • Expectant mothers are encouraged to give birth in the hospitals

The scheme was initially implemented in Andhra Pradesh, Haryana & Telangana. The number of expectant mothers giving birth in the hospitals has significantly increased with the scheme. The Maharashtra government has allocated a budget of Rs. 100 crore for the distribution of free baby kits for the infants & mothers. The implementation of the scheme will start in year 2018-19.

List of items in the baby kit: Baby clothes, a small bed for baby, towel, plastic diaper (nappies), body massage oil, thermometer, mosquito net, wollen blanket, shampoo, nail cutter, hand gloves, socks, body wash, liquid hand sanitizer, wollen clothes for mother & toys etc

Department of Women & Child Welfare will be implementing the scheme. Every year approximately 12 lakh pregnant women gives birth. Out of which 8 lakh are from urban areas where as 12 lakh are from rural areas. Close to 4 lakh out of them are first time mothers.

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