Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS) Telangana: 80-90% subsidy on fish seeds, fishing nets, hatcheries & other fishing related items

The Government of Telangana has announced Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS) for development of fishing and fishermen in the state. A budget of Rs. 1,000 crore is allocated for the scheme. The Chief Minister of Telangana Shree. Chandrashekhar Rao launched the scheme. Various fishing related items will be provide at the subsidized rates under the scheme. The objective of the scheme is to provide best in class infrastructure to the fishermen of the state and also to provide subsidy on fishing gadgets to them. The government wants to improve life standards of the fisherman.

What is Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS)? A scheme by the government of Telengana to improve fishing infrastructure in the state and to provide subsidies to the fishermen in the state.

Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS) Objectives:

  • To improve fishing infrastructure in the state
  • To simplify fishing and also to make it safe for the fishermen
  • To make sure that fishermen has all the necessary items for fishing, transportation and selling the fish
  • To make sure that the fishermen has a steady income

Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS) Beneficiaries:

Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS) Beneficiaries

Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS) Benefits & Implementation:

  • Rs. 1,000 crores are allocated for the scheme
  • Rs 856 crore will be spent by the government for developing fishing infrastructure
  • Rs. 144 crore will be provide subsidies to the fishermen
  • IFDS subsidies:
    • 100% subsidy for construction of landings for boats and the catch near lakes, tanks and reservoirs
    • 75% subsidy for high quality nets, two-wheelers and luggage autos, vehicles for mobile shops for selling fish
    • 80% to 90% subsidy for setting up of kiosks to sell fish and fish products and boats
    • 75% subsidy on hatcheries for raising fingerlings, setting up of fish feed manufacturing units, processing and ice manufacturing plants

Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS) Subsidized Items:

  • Mobile shops for selling fish
  • High quality nets
  • Insulated vehicles for fish transportation
  • Two-wheelers, luggage autos
  • Kiosks to sell fish and fish products
  • Supply of fish seeds
  • Hatcheries for raising fingerlings
  • Construction of landings for boats
  • Processing and ice manufacturing plants
  • Setting up of fish feed manufacturing units
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