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O-SMART Umbrella Scheme (OSUS): Ocean services, technology, observations, resources modelling & science research

The government of India will be soon launching O-SMART Umbrella Scheme (OSUS). The objective of the scheme is to create research and development in the field of Ocean Services, Technology, Observations, Resources, Modelling & Science. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) chaired by the Prime Minister has given an approval to the scheme.

A budget of Rs 1,623 crore has been sanctioned for the scheme for the duration of 2017-18 till 2019-20. The scheme includes total of 16 sub-projects in the area of ocean development services like services, technology, resources, observations and science.

The O-SMART scheme is primarily meant to provide economic benefits to the fisherman communities living in the coastal region and also to fisheries, offshore industry, coastal states, Defence, Shipping, Ports etc. Information obtained with the O-SMART scheme will be shared with the file lakh fishermen communities via mobile phones. The information will have critical alerts such as fish potential, local weather conditions in the costal areas. This will improve fishing and will also improves fishermen lifestyles.

What is O-SMART Umbrella Scheme (OSUS)? The government of India Ministry of Earth Science scheme for addressing the ocean development activities such as Ocean Services, Technology, Resources, Observations, Modeling and Science.

O-SMART Umbrella Scheme (OSUS): Objectives

  • To provide a suite of information on ocean services
  • To conduct ocean scientific ocean surveys
  • To provide information and alerts to the fishermen

O-SMART Umbrella Scheme (OSUS): Beneficiaries 

  • Fisheries
  • Defense Industry
  • Shipping Industry
  • Port Industry
  • Offshore Industry

O-SMART Umbrella Scheme (OSUS): Benefits

  • Maritime resources will be used for the sustainable development
  • With the ocean scientific research the blue economy will get benefited
  • Technology to effectively utilize living and non-living resources from seas and surrounding areas
  • Early warning systems for efficiently dealing with ocean disasters like Tsunami, storm surges

O-SMART Umbrella Scheme (OSUS): Implementation & Highlights

  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) chaired by the Prime Minister has given an approval for this scheme
  • This umbrella scheme comprises Ocean Services, Technology, Observations, Resources, Modelling and Science under the nomenclature of O-SMART
  • The scheme approved for the implementation of the period during the year 2017-18 to 2019-2020
  • Rs 1623 crore has been sanctioned for the implementation of this scheme
  • A total of 16 sub-projects will be covered under the scheme
  • The services provided under the O-SMART will provide the number of economic benefits to the user communities in the coastal and ocean sectors such as fisheries, offshore industry, coastal states, Defence, Shipping, Ports etc
  • The information such as weather condition, fish potential will be provided daily to the five lakh fishermen community at present through mobile phones

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