Prime Minister Krishi Sinchan Yojana for Maharashtra

The Prime Minister Krishi Sinchan Yojana is a mission of government of India for the welfare of farmers and The scheme Prime Minister Krishi Sinchan Yojana is implemented by the state government of Maharashtra. Under this scheme, the government has aim to use modern technology to increase the area of irrigation, to improve water efficiency to reduce wastage of water, to coordinate and implementation of various schemes, to increase agricultural production and growth of the total income of the farmers, to developed agriculture based modern technology for farmers and the development of micro irrigation systems. The scheme is implemented in 11 districts of Vidarbha and 37 districts in all over the state of Maharashtra. The government of Maharashtra provides a fund Rs. 250/- crore for implementation of this scheme in the state. The 55% percent of farmers in Maharashtra are depended on agriculture and 80% agriculture is based on dry land agriculture. The drought is increasing in Maharashtra day by day and even irrigated agriculture cannot get enough water for agriculture. Due to this water shortage problem in Maharashtra, the state government implements this scheme in all overstate. This scheme is encouraged to use modern technology, water efficiency, the growth of production, the growth of income etc. all farmers in Maharashtra state can get benefit this scheme. The government can provide the subsidy to farmers for this scheme. Applicant can able to apply for this scheme online through E-drip agriculture department of Maharashtra

Benefits of Prime Minister Krishi Sinchan Yojana for Maharashtra:

  • Farmers get subsidy to installed micro-irrigation set through online E-drip application
  • Farmers get subsidy direct on bank accounts
  • To get benefit for user of modern technology in agriculture
  • To get benefits to increase agriculture production and income

Eligible of Prime Minister Krishi Sinchan Yojana For Maharashtra:

  1. A farmer should have own agriculture land
  2. A farmer should have irrigation facility
  3. Farmers should have permanent electrical connection for joining electrical pump
  4. A farmer should have bank account

Documents Required for Prime Minister Krishi Sinchan Yojana for Maharashtra:

  1. Applicant 7/12
  2. Applicant 8/A for ownership
  3. Xerox copy of the first page of bank passbook
  4. Aadhaar card

Application procedure:

  1. Farmers apply through online E-drip irrigation official site
  2. Farmer may visit agriculture department in Maharashtra
  3. Farmers may talk with agriculture officer visiting villages regarding this scheme

References & details:

  1. For more details about Prime Minister Krishi Sinchan Yojana for Maharashtra visit official site:
  2. For more details about scheme in Marathi visit:

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