Quality Health for All Scheme Delhi: eligibility, documents required and how to apply

The Aam Aadmi Party led Arvind Kejriwal announced a new health scheme for all the citizens of Delhi called Quality Health for All Scheme. Under the scheme the people of Delhi can free get treatment in the private hospitals.

What is Quality Health for All Scheme in Delhi?

  • Consultations, tests and treatments in the government hospitals is usually free/subsidized for various social/economical category and in some cases for everyone
  • Government hospitals gets huge crowed everyday and hence getting treatment in government hospitals is not possible
  • Sometimes government hospitals has doctor or resources crunch and cant treat huge influx of patients
  • To solve all these problems government of Delhi will partner with some of the private hospitals in Delhi
  • Patients can now go to any of the private hospitals for consultation, treatment, tests, surgeries and government will bare the costs

How Quality Health for All Scheme works?

  • Government will partner with some of the private hospitals in the city and provide seamless arrangements for patients
  • Patients now can go to 67 private hospitals in the city for tests that cannot be performed in government hospitals
  • If there is huge rush in the government hospital and it cannot give surgery date to the patient within a month then the patient can go to 44 private hospitals for surgery
  • In both the cases government will bare the cost and tests and surgery will be free for the patients

Quality Health for All scheme benefits:

  • Anyone can get facility of high-end diagnostics such as MRI and PET-CT which are not available in the government hospitals
  • All the tests, consultation, surgeries are free or at minimal costs
  • No one will be at mercy of the government hospitals
  • Patients can avoid rush at government hospitals
  • Government hospitals, doctors and staff at government hospitals can provide quality service and enough time to all the patients getting treatment since there will be lesser patients
  • Patients get expensive treatment in time from private hospitals

Tests and surgeries performed under Quality Health for All scheme:

  • High-end diagnostics such as MRI and PET-CT tests along with all the other tests which cannot be performed at government hospitals due to any reason
  • 52 types of surgeries including heart bypass, cataract surgery, 17 types of kidney operations

Eligibility criteria for Quality Health for All scheme or who can apply for Quality Health for All scheme?

  • Residents of Delhi
  • Person suffering with acute illness
  • Person in Delhi who needs to perform health tests, surgeries
  • Citizens of Delhi irrespective of their income or socio-economic status they can apply for the scheme

Documents required for Quality Health for All scheme:

  • Identity card such as AADHAR card, voter id or driving license

How to apply for the Quality Health for All scheme Delhi?

Step by step application details of the scheme is yet to be published by the government as of now. Please contact any government hospital to get the details of the how to apply for Quality Health for All scheme. We will update this section once the details are available to us.


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