Jal Dharo Jal Bharo (JDJB) Scheme West Bengal: a water conservation scheme in WB

The government of West Bengal had launched the Jal Dharo, Jal Bharo(JDJB) scheme in 2011 to preserve the precious resources from ground and surface water in the state. The state governments, Water Resources Investigation & Development Department is working on the implementation of the scheme. The scheme is implemented in two parts a) large-scale harvesting of rainwater by stopping surface rainwater b) construction and management of Minor Irrigation Structures.

The objective of the Jal Dharo Jal Bharo (JDJB) Scheme is to conserve the water with the help of water bodies such as tank, ponds, water reservoirs, canals etc. and through artificial recharging of underground water via rooftop rainwater harvesting. The JDJB initiative is also expected to create employment as it involves construction of water bodies. The Water Resources Investigation & Development Department is also constructing water detention structures, re-excavating tanks and other water bodies to store more water during the rainy season. For stopping the surface run-off water check dams, water harvesting tanks, surface flow minor irrigation schemes etc are being constructed which will act as supplementary irrigation. These water bodies are creating additional income for rural people apart from using these water bodies in agriculture, pisciculture and animal husbandry. 3,370 water bodies will be constructed during the 2018-19 financial year.

What is Jal Dharo, Jal Bharo(JDJB)? A West Bengal government initiative for water conservation.

Jal Dharo, Jal Bharo(JDJB): Objectives

  • To create awareness about water conservation
  • To harvest rainwater in all kinds of water bodies
  • To increase water levels with the help of rain water harvesting
  • To conserve and stored  rainwater and surface run-off water in the tanks

Jal Dharo, Jal Bharo(JDJB): Benefits

  • Increase in underground water level
  • Availability of drinking water in remote and rural areas
  • More water for irrigation purposes
  • The availability of water during summer

Jal Dharo, Jal Bharo(JDJB): Implementation & Highlights

  • This scheme was launched in 2011 by WB CM Mamata Banerjee
  • The Water Resources Investigation & Development Department, GoWB implemented this scheme
  • Under this  scheme, the rainwater is harvested in all kinds of water bodies i.e tank, ponds, water reservoirs
  • Government is creating awareness about rooftop rainwater harvesting
  • The Water Resources Investigation & Development Department is working with Panchayats and Rural Development (P&RD) Department for excavation and re-excavation of tanks and other water bodies under MGNREGA
  • The state government also conducts a mass awareness programme regularly regarding the importance of conserving water
  • The availability of water throughout the year will help the villagers for their domestic, farming activities and animals

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