Pani Bachao, Paisa Kamao (PBPK) Punjab: scheme to encourage the farmers to save electricity | Benefits, eligibility & how it works?

The Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) under the Government of Punjab had launched ‘Pani Bachao, Paisa Kamao (PBPK)’ scheme for farmers in the state. The objective of the scheme is to encourage the farmers to save electricity and reduce the use of tube wells and ground water. This is a volunteer scheme and not all farmers needs to opt for the scheme. Under the scheme farmers will be given monitory benefits for less use of tube wells.

What is Pani Bachao, Paisa Kamao? A pilot campaign by the Govt of Punjab to promote importance of conserving electricity and ground water.

Pani Bachao, Paisa Kamao (PBPK) Objectives:

  • To save electricity
  • To save ground water
  • To create awareness about conserving or less use of electricity and tube wells amongst farmers
  • To reward farmers with cash rewards
  • The electricity saved can be used for other industrial and residential purposes

Pani Bachao, Paisa Kamao (PBPK) Benefits:

  • Farmers who opts in for the scheme and reduce use of tube wells are given cash reward which is transferred to their accounts
  • The farmers will get Rs. 4 per unit on the electricity they saved for ex: if the farmers was using 1000 units earlier and with the scheme he is using 800 units then the farmer will get Rs. 800 for the 200 units he saved

Pani Bachao, Paisa Kamao (PBPK) Eligibility / Who can apply?

  • The scheme is applicable only to the farmers in the Punjab state for the farm pumps only
  • This is a volunteer scheme and farmers can choose to opt in

Pani Bachao, Paisa Kamao (PBPK) Implementation & Highlights:

  • The objective the scheme is to avoid water and electricity wastage in the agriculture
  • With the scheme the state will have more electricity for other purposes and will help in reviving ground water in the state
  • The Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) will implement the scheme
  • They will do the assessment of the electricity usage by each of the farm pumps
  • Then they will monitor the usage and savings and
  • Then farmers will be given cash reward based on the electricity they saved
  • The scheme will be lunched in two cluster/feeders Bambiwal and Nawajipur on the pilot basis and then will be implemented in other clusters
  • 178 farmers from Bambiwal and 231 from Nawajipur have agreed to apply for the scheme

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