Tractor Subsidy Scheme for Farmers in India

Tractor Subsidy for farmers launched by the government of India, the ministry of agriculture. This scheme implementing under the mechanization component of the Macro-Management Scheme of Agriculture and there is a provision of subsidy for promoting agricultural mechanization. In this scheme government provide subsidy to buy Tractor, Power Tiller, Self-propelled Reaper, paddy transplanted and other similar self-propelled machines, Specialized power-driven equipment such Zero-till-Seed Drill, Raised Bed Planter, Sugarcane cutter planter, potato planter, potato digger, groundnut digger, roatavator, straw reaper, strip-till drill, tractor-drawn reaper, cleaner-cum-grader, dryer, stubble shaver, mobile fruit harvester, power weeder etc. under subsidy scheme, government provide 25% subsidy for Tractor which is  cost limited to Rs.30,000/- for buying Tractors of up to 35 PTO HP. ministry of agriculture govt. of India approved the list of tractors model up to 35 HP eligible for this subsidy programme. This scheme is open to all t categories of farmers. Tractor Subsidy scheme by Government of India comes under farm mechanization scheme. Farm mechanization scheme is a component of Macro-Management Scheme. The Macro Management of Agriculture Scheme (MMA) was formulated in 2000-01, by bringing together under one umbrella 27 centrally sponsored schemes relating to cooperatives, crop production programmes, watershed development programmes, horticulture, fertilizer, mechanization, and seeds.

ट्रैक्टर सब्सिडी योजना (हिंदी में)

Benefits of Tractor Subsidy Scheme by Government of India:

  • Government provide 25% subsidy for Tractor which is cost limited to Rs.30,000/- for buying Tractors of up to 35 HP
  • Benefits of subsidy to buy tractors
  • Benefits to get subsidy on various agricultural mechanization

Eligibility of Tractor Subsidy Scheme by Government of India:

  1. All farmers eligible for this scheme
  2. Individual farmers are eligible
  3. Small and marginal farmers are eligible for Tractor Subsidy

Documents required:

  1. Applicant Aadhaar card
  2. Application form
  3. Applicant 7/12
  4. Applicant bank account details

Application procedure:

  1. Applicant should contact agriculture department of relevant state to get details about application procedure for tractor subsidy
  2. Applicant also contact Zilla Parishad or Gram Panchayat for application procedure

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